Message From The General Manager
Our esteemed customers,
My dear colleagues,

Big changes are happening in our region and country while we enter a new year. The most obvious reflection of the growth in our economy as a regional power is appearing in the construction sector. Having been the locomotive at all periods, our sector has been experiencing a huge change and evolution. Turkish construction companies are building in compatibility with world standards under their foreign and domestic contracts. It cannot be thought that we, as Ozanlar İnşaat, be left out of these developments.

While a local contracting company in the past, Ozanlar İnşaat has evolved into a company which designs, implements and markets large construction projects today. We cannot ignore the superior effects and determination of our colleagues, who enabled this development. This year we are continuing our Doğanay Residence Project, which will bring a new color to Ankara Yaşamkent with its different architecture and concept. Beside this, we are soon going to announce on these pages the groundbreaking ceremony of the Business Center in Ulus Kazım Karabekir Street, which we plan to commence this year.

The tragedy of Van earthquake we suffered last year, reminded us once again that Turkey is indeed located on a seismic-zone. Such consequences are inevitable when inferior construction materials and poor workmanship are combined. We believe that production of quality residences should be now regarded as a national policy. Although residence construction relies on many different parameters, standing out among these are correct engineering, earthquake proofing, utilization of energy-efficient materials and system applications against the increasing energy costs. As Ozanlar İnşaat, we have been shaping our future perspective in this line. When we decide on a project I and my colleagues adopt all-around quality and on-time production completion as our primary attitude.

I would like to announce hereby that we are planning to commence sales of our example-of-a-living-area Doğanay Residences in Yaşamkent, which is one favorite life centers of Ankara, at the end of July. I hope that the year 2012 bring happiness to all Ozanlar İnşaat Family, our colleagues, our customers and business partners.

Sincerely Yours,
Mehmet Ozan
General Manager
Oğuzlar Mahallesi 1370. Sokak.
No 24/3 Balgat-Çankaya-Ankara - TURKEY
Phone : (+90) 312 287 25 00
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