Ozanlar İnşaat, as a contracting company, stands out with the importance they give to urban aesthetic in all projects undertaken since 1999. The company has shown respect to humans and nature while merging today’s architecture perception with high quality construction materials. This approach is Ozanlar İnşaat’s main philosophy and main vision to determine the future. The analysis we carried out is the collective action in which our senior management and employees are engaged.

Today, Turkish construction sector is a global builder. According to Ozanlar İnşaat, each and every project should be based on humans and should be compatible with nature and even make a contribution while architectural solutions determine humans’ living space. A big transition is being experienced recently in Turkey in terms of urban architecture. Urban transformation projects and reconstruction projects are changing silhouettes of our cities rapidly. Our hope is that this change does drive a urban structure to create cold cities apart from people and nature; on the contrary gives us as well as the next generations the opportunity where we will live in safety, peace and satisfaction of visual delight. We, as Ozanlar İnşaat, aim to be a part of a change in such direction. Selection of location has a critical importance in our projects. We do not start implementing our projects before evaluating the features of the projects, its architectural contributions to the region and project added values. We are as meticulous in the technical background, materials selection and workmanship applications as we are in visual quality.

We take all the standards of environmental management system (ISO 14001) into consideration while we try to carry out the architectural requirements which are one of the most concrete examples of human-environment relationship. As OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System commenced to be conducted in our construction sites, workflows and security procedures of our staff have been revised.
Specialization and expertise in on a field is a structural necessity due to the rapid increase in knowledge in today’s world. In this context, Ozanlar İnşaat has focused on superstructure area, in particular on concept residence project, business centers and shopping malls.

Ozanlar İnşaat aims to put new projects into practice which will maintain the company’s difference in the market and add more value on its position with professional engineering and experienced specialist staff.
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